Staying friends with your ex

Staying friends with your ex

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As a result of this, they’re not likely to want to remain in touch with their ex.

1 Step Back

Doing this could be seen as something that will stop them from being able to put the past firmly behind them. And, if one didn’t really get on with the other person or if they simply grew apart, this is going to make perfect sense.

In this case, staying in touch could be similar to maintaining a car that no longer works – it would not make sense.

A New Beginning

Now that their relationship has come to finish, they can focus more of their energy and attention on other areas of their life. They may decide that they want to spend some time in their company.

Alternatively, an individual may not need to do so, as they might already be only too aware of what their needs are.

External Feedback

If one was not in a relationship which was really healthy, they might be relieved that one is taking this approach.

They would have seen that the amount of damage that this was doing to them, and they may have even encouraged them to walk away before. But even if their relationship wasn’t unhealthy, they could still support their choice.

A Pattern

So, no matter what their relationships were like before, their behaviour would have been the same.

Their change in behavior is going to be the result of an encounter or a number of adventures that had a big effect on them.

A Different Approach

But for every man who acts in this manner, there will be a lot of others who don’t. When one can relate to this, they’re not be able to just walk away; they need to remain in touch with their ex.

One is then not going to want to be too near them, but they won’t want them to be too far away .

Two Experiences

If one was in a relationship that was not dysfunctional, it might be said that this kind of behavior makes sense. But if they did not get on, it can be a lot more difficult to comprehend what’s going on.

When it comes to the former, they will probably respect each other and there will be all of the positive experiences they had together, and they may have mutual friends. Yet, when it comes to the latter, there is unlikely to be any respect between them and there’ll be all of the negative experiences that they have shared.

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What you could find is that staying in touch with their ex makes it easier for them to handle how they feel. This person, in addition to others exes, could supply them with the support they need to compensate for their inner instability.

If they had been with someone who was abusive, being this way will make it harder for them to cut their ties with somebody who is not great for them.

Another Factor

One’s emotions are going to be out of control, which will make it tougher for them to have the ability to control their behaviour. But while someone who stays in touch with their ex could be emotionally out of control, they might also be emotionally dead.

When this occurs, it is not going to be a way for them to settle themselves down; it will be a way for them to gain funds. Having their ex in their life can allow them to have sex, gain money and get other benefits.

Two Extremes

The individual in the first example probably won’t find it hard to empathize; whereas the individual in the second example probably will. Empathy is vital when it comes to having the ability to treat other people as separate human beings, instead of objects that are there to be utilized.

Ergo, when one sees another person as a thing that exists to meet their demands, it’s going to be a challenge for them to understand that this individual also has feelings and needs.


On the other hand, if a person feels mentally unstable, they may look into what they can do to settle down themselves.

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