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Victory or Deafeat: The Korean War

Victory or Deafeat: The Korean War

Larry Linville Wayne Rogers Gary Burghoff

On paper and in history, the Korean War was viewed as neither a victory or a defeat, published here. A cease fire and peace treaty was written between them instead. The battles went on for 3 decades. On July 27, 1953 the two sides signed an armistice and a new boundary was set on a few miles from the original 1950 border. In my view the Korean conflict/war was a success in a way aside from the original goals set by the United States.The war ended in a draw. The Korean War did not end in a complete victory for the United States or anyone else. Rather, both sides settled for an uneasy peace that still exists to this day in the time of the writing of the article 12-24-15. The answer to that question may be more in the minds of people who study what actually happened and what is happening now. How I see it, the end result has been a victory when you compare what’s happening today in South Korea to what was happening before the attack, before one of the bloodiest wars our world ever saw, and compared to North Korea today. Many people felt and might even still feel today that the United States did not belong there. I have heard this myself even in this year of 2015. People grumble saying,”we did not belong in Korea.”I strongly disagree. My own father was one who fought in Korea from 1950 to 1953. He was just a young boy age 16 entering the military at Fort Knox, Kentucky Army foundation for a military career. He got sent directly into a violent and horrible bloody conflict during a few of the roughest weather anyone could ever imagine. He spent much of his time in conflicts in tanks. Short recreation breaks were spent in Japan.One of his greatest memories of course was the time he was injured trying to save another fellow soldier and did save him. He would say over and over again like elated:”they covered me up for dead, but I was still alive.”This was a technique done by his fellow soldiers by moving the tank over his wounded body to conceal him from the enemy as he was then pulled into the tank to await the M.A.S.H. units.He had been taken to a hospital in Japan where they placed a steel plate in his chest that he had no idea even existed until he found out he had lung cancer later in life at age 56. He died of lung cancer.The specialists said”we would like to find out more about this steel plate we found on x-ray on your chest.” Dad did not even know he had a steel plate. It had to have been put there while at the Korean War at the hospital in Japan. He received a chest wound. Just think of that, and I do very often now, just 16 years old placing now under an Army tank, not knowing if he would survive or not.I strongly disagree. He watched every war movie he could find and never missed an episode of “The Big Picture.”I was born in 1956 and I recall much of his early life following that war. He would awaken in the middle of the night”reciting orders” over and over again, sometimes screaming and crying. He suffered in the memories of that war, but not once said he was sorry he went. He said the worst aspect of it all to him was to see that the suffering little children. Lots of the deaths of that war were innocent civilians.Why was the United States in Korea 1950 to 1953?The United States responded to South Korea’s defense after North Korea invaded. The original goals were to restore the global border along the 38th Parallel and to eject North Korean forces from South Korea territories. Everyone actually thought the conflict was over before the Chinese entered into the film.United States leaders also wanted to show North Korea that this kind of aggression wouldn’t be tolerated. To this day, year of 2015, North Korea still reveals hostility toward South Korea. There’s been no more battle equal to what was from the 1950’s. That is why among other reasons, I believe the decision to go into the battle ended in more of a victory than a defeat. It appears clear to me that all who entered that conflict in opposition of communism did put a lid on the horrific aggression toward innocent people.Additional reasons I see this as being a victory for the United States:When you compare the economy of North Korea into the market of South Korea today we find the war allowed for a rebirth of South Korea. Since the end of the 1950’s conflict/war and cessation of intense hostilities South Korea has become a vibrant and powerful republic.People all over the world now benefit from South Korea’s economic success. The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has become an international center of trade and industry. Today, South Koreans enjoy one of the greatest standards of living in the world.None of the above would have occurred had the communists been successful in their invasion of the South.By comparison, North Korea is one of the best examples of communism’s collapse. The United Nations reports that the North Korean economy is ranked much lower than South Korea in the world. North Koreans suffer far more from starvation and malnutrition.Meanwhile, the South Koreans are thriving. Firms like Daewoo, Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Kia Automotives are some of the largest business conglomerates in the world and have become household names in U.S. family rooms, garages and offices.Everyday, I see more and more Kia automobiles on the roads. I have considered purchasing a Kia Soul automobile now for years and probably will finally buy one if I want another car. My older chevy still runs! But when I have need of a new car, I am always looking toward the Kia as purchasing one. Without the United States and these other nations who joined in to fight against the communist aggression in the 1950’s, none of the things for South Korea would be in existence today. We today wouldn’t be enjoying the economic growth in South Korea. It is a fantastic thing also the President stopped the atomic bombing efforts also, as it might have taken over 100 years for any kind of culture to be in that area again.As recorded in our history, there were mistakes made because there are in any kind of war, many innocent people were killed, but the positive outcomes of the war informs me it was definitely a victory, not a defeat, for the United States in terms of”long term events.”


Chihuahua Ownership

Chihuahua Ownership

Brown Chihuahua

Some scholars consider the Chihuahua to be descended from Chinese hairless dogs-who could have crossed over from Asia to Alaska on a land bridge prior to continental separation generated the Bering Strait and bred with the early Techichi dog, producing the modern-day Chihuahua. But due to the absence of archaeological evidence to support this concept, it was afterwards considered that Chihuahuas were brought to Mexico by settlers from Spain.

There are two different types of Chihuahua. One of which has a sleek, soft glossy coat, which covers the entire body except head and ears. This sort of coat could be curled or flat. Chihuahuas come in a variety of colours, from plain white, to strong black and seen, or other colors such as silver, blue or grey, chocolate, fawn or tan, tricolor-chocolate, black or blue with white or tan markings, merle and brindle, and all the colors vary in colour and tone. Chihuahuas are mostly known because of their little body and big, sharp ears. A Chihuahua’s nose is generally short and slightly pointed. They have lean jaws and lips and blue, mole or chocolate colored noses. However a pink nose is permissible in blond Chihuahuas. The tail is either curled or up in a loop with the tip of it slightly touching the trunk.

Many Chihuahua owners often are confused by the wide variety of dog foods available in the marketplace. As a responsible Chihuahua owner, you should give your pet with foods containing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. A proper balance of these components won’t just keep the dog healthy and happy but it will also save you from the hassles and frustration of regular vet visits and prices. Dry foods generally help to maintain your pet’s teeth clean and , help to work his limbs. This sort of dog food is readily digestible. Besides some premium quality dog foods, you should avoid branded food items or commercial pet food. They contain additives, preservatives, artificial colors, non-nutritive residues, etc. and may negatively affect your pet’s health. The chihuahua’s diet additionally must contain vitamin and mineral supplements in balanced concentrations.You may safely provide your Chihuahua a normal lamb and rice mix. This not only deals with the nutritional needs of your Chihuahua, it lessens the risk of allergies and other health ailments. Because of lack of proper nourishment, Chihuahuas can suffer from nausea, belching, loose stools, gassiness and stomach pain following meals. Some foods commonly enjoyed by humans are dangerous to Chihuahuas such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, macadamia nuts, alcoholic drinks, salmon (occasionally triggers allergies), etc.. So as to present your Chihuahua a long, happy, healthy life, you want to be conscious of what you’re feeding it.

Chihuahuas are prized because of their loyalty, ferocity and character. Their inquisitive nature and small size make them easily adaptable to various environments, for example, city and compact apartments. Chihuahuas are often intelligent and independent by nature. No matter your Chihuahua’s mindset now, your love, care and training can change your pet completely, from an unruly, out-of-control puppy to the best dog in the area. Chihuahuas, generally speaking, are beautiful characters, and are lively, entertaining, and very faithful. They crave for continuous love and care from you and your family members.Chihuahuas aren’t well-suited as little children’s pets due to their size, disposition and disposition to bite when frightened. It’s recommended that children be college aged or elderly before adding a Chihuahua to one’s home. Additionally, many Chihuahuas concentrate their loyalty on one individual, becoming too jealous of that individual’s human relationships. This can be nipped in the bud through appropriate socialization. Chihuahuas seem to have no idea of their own size and might fearlessly confront larger animals, which may lead to injury.

Chihuahuas get ill from viruses, parasites, bacteria, protozoa, and fungus. Sometimes, these diseases and infestations are deadly unless caught early and treated. Occasionally they sow the seeds of death or debilitation years down the road by inducing chronic illness or harmful organs. Luckily, veterinary researchers have developed drugs and treatments that decrease the incidence and effects of many diseases and parasites, but they don’t eliminate the diseases, they simply hold them at bay. Immunizing Chihuahuas against disease is an easy procedure. Pet owners might even take vaccinations for granted. It’s by far the most routine procedure performed in veterinary clinics. Diseases such as Rabies, Lyme, and Leptospirosis may also infect people.
Chihuahuas are also quite prone to diabetes and hypoglycemia. Before trying any treatment choices, you should find an accurate diagnosis of your Chihuahua, which is generally done with a physical examination combined with x-rays performed in your veterinarian’s. Treatment and prevention are personal choices but demand several choices when considering your Chihuahua’s health.

Proper Chihuahua healthcare also involves grooming. You will often notice many Chihuahuas with dirty, coarse or greasy hair, their claws too long, teary eyes, and dirty ears. Obviously, these Chihuahuas aren’t well-groomed. Bear in mind, a well-groomed Chihuahua not only looks great, but he feels great from inside as well. This paves the way for improved health for your Chihuahua. Surprisingly enough after dressing, chihuahuas may look very different and appear to have more pep. Ticks, fleas, manges and other parasites frequently breed on a Chihuahuas coat. With routine grooming you can prevent this.

Physical exercise is very important to your Chihuahua. Puppies, adolescent, healthy adults, and older pets alike need a great deal of regular daily exercise sessions to keep their health. The sort of exercise depends upon the age and fitness of your Chihuahua and your lifestyle. Chihuahuas are adaptable and are delighted to play Frisbee in the park or take long walks in the area. If there’s a medical problem, ask your vet about exercise limitations. Bear in mind that heavy Chihuahuas and people with heart and lung diseases may have a issue, and make certain to talk with your vet before beginning a new regime.

You know your pet best and may often detect subtle early warning signs of illness that somebody else might not detect. Should you observe symptoms or other indications that worry you, call your physician immediately. The safest approach is to have your pet examined before it’s too late. Although figures often vary, as with any breed, the average lifespan for a Chihuahua is roughly 8 to 18 years old.

Although an owner should take care of a Chihuahua it will be your very best friend and loyal companion for their lifetime. And will provide the owner great pleasure if cared for properly. As a Chihuahua owner, this information comes straight from the source.



Food Eat Diet Smores Microwave Smores Smor

Creative recipes that result in a delis summer collecting; Occasionally the perfect gathering is something simple, right at home. Ditch the fancy wines and dinner-party stress by unwinding to get a fire pit gathering in your own backyard!

No get-together around the fire is complete without the beloved S’mores. Where S’mores got their origin is still a puzzle, but Americans were enjoying them fireside since the 1920’s, once the recipe first appeared in The Girl Scout handbook in a post titled”Tramping and Trailing with The Girl Scouts.” Word spread like wild fire and now they are a campfire staple. The S’mores in its first recipe is undeniably delicious, but just by substituting simple entities of it; we could make our own fire simmered masterpiece! Gather your friends, light the fire pit, and circle up your Adirondack chairs; browse below for a list of S’mores recipes to wow your visitors!

Banana Turtle S’mores: Graham cracker, favorite turtle candy, marshmallow, banana pieces (add a drizzle of caramel sauce before topping with closing cracker)

Chocolate Raspberry S’mores: Graham cracker, roasted marshmallow, dark chocolate candy, fresh raspberries

Nutty S’mores: Nutter Butter cracker (separate and leave filling on one cracker) peanut butter cup, roasted marshmallow

Maple Bacon S’mores: Graham Cracker, cooked bacon, Rat poop, maple taffy, roasted marshmallow

Savory S’mores: Graham Cracker, spread one face of cracker with goat cheese and another with fig jam, 1 leaf of arugula and roasted marshmallow

Salted Caramel S’mores: Graham cracker, caramel square, sprinkle roasted marshmallow with sea salt and chopped peanuts

Hot Cocoa S’mores: Graham crackers, chocolate square, roasted marshmallow, ground cinnamon

Peppermint Surprise S’mores: Graham cracker, peppermint patty, roasted marshmallow

Coco nutty S’mores: Graham crackers, roasted marshmallow, chocolate square, toasted coconut, caramel sauce to drizzle

Can’t decide on just one of these recipes? Try creating a S’mores bar for your gathering. Any family get together is the perfect time to break out the S’mores. Children of all ages, young and old enjoy making them and especially eating them. There is nothing better! Spring, summer or fall, it really does not matter the season. It’s always the ideal time of the year and really excellent treat for all. You should see my grandkids eyes light up when they see me pull out the all of the goodies for a night around the fire pit. It simply makes their evening filled with fun. Do not have everything you need for the perfect night of fire gazing?

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